Day 1: Brainstorm in snowstorm

At first we were trying to come up with as many ideas as possible to find a potential client. Our first idea was to make a product page about Sommersby cider (Carlsberg). As we found out, the Sommersby’s website is very good and we wouldn’t have many opportunities to add value to it.

Our other ideas:

  • a company that produces peanut butter – which has a really simple website with too much information and poor graphics and usability
  • to redesign the booking system of the Danish railway company
  • chocolate made by the company JIF
  • to start a campaign site of the subbrand Rebel of the company Hummel

After consulting with our teacher Christina we learned that it’s not a good idea to cover a big company like DSB within this project since it’s not a simple product. We abandoned the peanut butter proposal as well because we would face difficulties while making a cultural analysis for a company outside Aarhus.

Based on these findings we have decided to stick to two proposals – Rebel (Hummel) and a campaign website for chocolate Matilde (Arla). Both of the companies have their branches in Aarhus. After a short discussion we came with several ideas how to create a brand website for Rebel and add value to the brand:

  • presenting the Rebel products by quality content (images, descriptions)
  • practical information about each product (how to wash specific clothes, etc.)
  • e-shop
  • videos with celebrities or sportsmen using the brand
  • product picker (e.g. it will change the colour as you click on it, etc.)
  • instagram hashtag (#happyrebel) – people can post pictures with Rebel products and it will be shown on the homepage
  • online chat with customer care
  • a map with branches and contact information

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