Day 2: Dividing tasks

A lot of work to be done. So let’s start 🙂

Work Package: Validated concept

On the first meeting day we decided to divide the tasks between team members. We estimated each task to last approximately one day, so we agreed to have the next meeting on Friday 26 to put all findings together and to form a communication strategy.

Ivan and Jozsi took the cultural analysis part, because they are fresh in the morning and wanted to make field research about the Hummel shop, including interviewing employees and walking through the shop. Cristi and Brigitta decided to do the research design and creating personas since they came up with an idea of a survey which was suitable for this purpose. Since they are a well-functioning couple they decided to do it together 🙂 Ivan has chosen the last task, which was the SWOT analysis, because he was interested in finding new opportunities how to add value to the company as well as identify its weak points.


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