Day 3: Visit at the Hummel shop

After we (Ivan and Jozsi) prepared methods for the cultural analysis and consulted them with Ulrik, we decided to go to the branch of Hummel in Aarhus city center. First we were observing design of the shop from outside, then we went in and walking around, trying to notice details, colours and if they correspond with the website design.

Hummel shop

There was only one shop assistant and because the shop was completely empty in the morning, she was bored. That was an ideal opportunity for us to ask her our investigative questions 🙂 She was open to communicate with us and told us everything she knew from her position. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to interact with people from management or responsible for marketing area.

When we finished our visit we moved back to the school to summarise our findings. Also, we searched more information about the Hummel owner through his website and youtube videos. Then we were writing the report.


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