On day 5 we were much more productive than on day 4, we finished what we were supposed to by then and started Production 1. By the end of this day we had the whole picture of how our website’s design should look like. We decided to have the Home page plus 4 subpages: Men, Women, Children (Clothing) and Buy page where customers can shop online. After our researches we found out that Hummel is very proud of their own style for their website and we agreed that Rebel should have a similar style as Hummels’ if not identical. The main colors are black, dark grey and white.


For the Home page we decided to utilise a search bar a sliding header that is most probably coded with JavaScript language. Of course we didn’t forget about the Social Media bar where the potential clients can share our page to others.

Our website will contain a lot of pictures and videos pleasing for the eye. About the content of the page (text) we havn’t decided yet.

We chose not to forget to mention the members of our team in the footer and we added a link directly to our blog.


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